Does ASN Guard offer FDA compliant coatings?

Yes! ASN Guard does offer FDA compliant coatings. Customers will often ask
“Is ASN Guard FDA approved?” That question, specifically the term “FDA approved”, will require more discussion and explanation.
What does FDA Approved means?
Nothing since FDA does not specifically approve coatings.
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not formally “approve” coatings or other materials for food or bio/pharmaceutical contact. Rather, the FDA regulates coatings via the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR),
specifically 21 CFR 175.300 which list what raw materials are acceptable and
unacceptable for the formulation of coatings. Hence, coating supplier need to
self-regulate, ensuring only acceptable raw materials are being used.
This is where ASN Guard mark provide that assurance of compliance and quality.
According to the FDA, a coating must:
  1. Pass the solvent extraction tests listed in 21 CFR 175.300
  2. Contain no heavy metals
  3. All coating components must confirm to the materials listed by the FDA in order to be compliant.
ASN Guard successfully meets these requirements and is therefore FDA compliant. Testing is done at international accredited TUV Lab.