The use of electrostatic sprayer

Electrostatic sprayers can be used to apply ASN Guard antimicrobial coating solutions to all types of surfaces, from walls, false ceiling, floors to counters, chairs, and tables to create a safe working and liveable environment. It is used to coat on different materials such as plastics, metals, stones, fabrics, etc. For the self-disinfecting coating to be optimally effective, these surfaces are recommended to be cleaned before the coating is applied.
As the antimicrobial is released from the machine, a positive charge is applied to the coating mist, which allows the disinfectant to bond to negatively charged surfaces,” says Wilson. “The mist kills microbes on the surface very quickly and then inhibits the growth of pathogens for up to 90 days.”
On a microscopic level, the antimicrobial does this by creating layers of  nanospikes,” or tiny spears. As the positively charged antimicrobial coating attracts the negatively charged pathogens, these spikes pierce the pathogens, killing bacteria and inactivating viruses, mold, and fungi. No toxic chemicals is used